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Schlagel Posi-Close Planter Wheel on display in corn field

Schlagel Posi-Close Planter Wheels

Schlagel Posi-Close Planter Wheels aggressively destroy the seed trench, creating excellent seed-to-soil contact for better seedling emergence and crop stand.

When using traditional rubber wheels in wet soil, the seed trench will crust and bake, or simply open back up. You’ll also commonly run into issues with smearing and extreme compaction

Our wheels, on the other hand, prevent crusting and baking by leaving a soft mulch on top of the seedbed. And there’s no need to worry about the seed trench opening back up, either. With their patented “horizontal rod” design and wide ground path, Posi-Close Planter Wheels literally destroy the seed trench and virtually eliminate any chance of smearing or extreme compaction.

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Dirty Schlagel Posi-Close Planter Wheels mounted on John Deere planter

Seed to Soil Contact

Good soil contact with the seed kernel is one of the most important aspects of obtaining uniform emergence. Our Posi-Close Planter Wheels effectively firm the soil around the seed, creating excellent seed-to-soil contact and notably improving emergence.

Regardless of the type of soil, the type or terrain, or even the planting situation, our wheels excel at fully closing the seed trench.

Normally, to ensure maximum closure, different practices (such as no-till, hilly terrain, or hard soil conditions) require different wheel configurations. Our wheels save you that step; they’re designed to be adjustable for width, giving you a greater ability to close even the most stubborn seed trenches.

Adjustability & Bearings

What’s the best operating setting? Most people run their Posi-Close Planter Wheels at their normal operating setting (with 3-8″ – 1/2″ between rods). This is the best setting for most conditions—especially for hilly terrain where the planter unit can side-shift off the row. For those more difficult-to-close trenches, you can also set your Posi-Close Planter Wheels so the rods actually mesh together, like two gears. This concentrates the wheel’s force on a smaller area and eliminates the need for drag chains.

All Posi-Close Planter Wheels are shipped with the same bearings currently in use on your planter. Getting parts is easy; just go to your dealer and order the same bearings as always!


These Schlagel Closing Wheels are one of our best-sellers for a reason. Give them a try; we’re confident you’ll be impressed.

Model PW193-NT

Download Installation Instructions for PW-193NT Closing Wheels

Compatible with John Deere Max-Emerge Plus, XP and newer; Kinze planters (1993 and newer); White 6000 & 8000 series; Monosem NG +2, +3, +4 (or old Monosem with upgrade); and Great Plains (newer, including twin row).

Model PW-065NT, PW-066NT

Download Installation Instructions for PW-065NT & PW-066NT Closing Wheels

Compatible with John Deere 7000, 7100 (MaxEmerge), 7200, 7300, Early 1700 (maxEmerge 2, with stub shaft and LH/RH nuts); and Kinze planters (up to and including model year 1992, with roll-pin  mounted wheels).


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