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20|20® Seed Sense

High definition data enables high impact decisions. The new 20|20 monitor provides the most advanced agronomic picture you’ve ever seen. Optimize planting, harvest, and application decisions with a smart, intuitive interface that visualizes performance and field conditions in real time; seed by seed, plant by plant, drop by drop. Customize display configurations, add sensors, and discover things about your field you may have never known.

Precision Planting vSet


Meter performance is a key contributor to yield. If your meters perform at less than 99% singulation, you are losing out on yield. Walk your fields and measure off 17’ 5” of one of your 30” rows. Is there one skip? Is there a double? Are there more? Can you afford that at today’s grain prices?

Planting refuge corn mixed in with your traits? Using high rate seed treatments or inoculants? Seed not consistently graded? Successfully singulating seed is getting harder. Not all meters can handle these inconsistencies in seed shape, size, and density. How well is your meter performing today?

Precision Planting vDrive


Today’s standard drive systems are complex, made up of 138* parts that must work together perfectly to position your seed for success. Even with a well-maintained planter, every one of those parts in the system increases your risk of planting errors. Planting your crop is the most important thing you will do each year. You’ve picked the right hybrids, the right population, the right fertility plan. Do you want to risk all that on the performance of 138 interacting parts?

Precision Planting Delta Force


Checking to make sure the planter is at the right down force setting is one of the most important things to do during planting. But checking the down force setting at one place in the field is just the starting point. The ultimate goal is to ensure down force is set correctly across the whole field, not just at one point. Seeds planted at a consistent depth help achieve uniform emergence which sets the stage for the rest of season.

Keeton Seed Firmers

Keeton Seed Firmers

Keeton seed firmers gently press every seed into the bottom of the trench to tuck it firmly in the soil, ready to take in the moisture and heat it needs. Keeton seed firmers are a simple attachment that adds yield to your planter, seeder, or drill. The Keeton seed firmer can also act as a liquid application tool for insecticides, fungicides, and proper in-furrow fertilizers. Choose directly on the seed placement or a splitter to split the stream of liquid. Either way, you still get the benefits of firming, as well as liquid application in a single device.

Precision Planting Smart Firmers


Digging seeds is a time consuming yet important task at planting time. Getting your eyes on the furrow, where the seeds are placed, will allow you to understand if those seeds are in an environment to thrive. Does the seed have adequate temperature and moisture? Has it been surrounded by clean soil, free of residue? What is the power of the soil around each seed to feed the growing plant? Until now, you didn’t know these things for every seed, you were simply guessing. With SmartFirmer you can now have eyes in the furrow.

Precision Planting vDrive Insecticide

vDrive® Insecticide

You need to deliver insecticide to the row to protect your seed, so how do you accomplish that without the mechanical drive system on the planter? vDrive handles that too, by driving a vDrive insecticide meter. The vDrive insecticide meter takes all the great features of vDrive and does them for your insecticide; proper rate regardless of speed, swath control, and variable rate capabilties. Get both seed and insecticide right with vDrive.

Precision Planting SpeedTubes


We’ve all been there. Heavy rains keep coming and you can’t get in the field. When weather and planting conditions are ideal, you want to plant as much you can. You’re currently limited though in your planting capacity because the mechanical capabilities of your current planter limit the speed at which you can plant without compromising performance.

Replace your existing seed tube with SpeedTube. It utilizes two feeder wheels to grab the seed off the vSet® disk and place it into a belt that controls the seed all the way into the trench. The independent electric drive within SpeedTube matches the ground speed of the planter, enabling an ideal drop of the seed into the trench. Go twice as fast through the field on the planter pass, while still maintaining the planting performance you want.

Precision Planting Ready Row Unit

Ready Row Unit

Trading Planters Doesn’t Always Make Sense. When many farmers trade planters, the goal is to get the latest technology as well as an updated row unit. Typically the tool bar of the planter is in great shape. What if you could get the updated row unit and technology you want, without the expense and hassle of trading planters?

Keep Your Planter, Upgrade Your Row Unit. Instead of trading for an updated planter at signifi cant expense, why not simply put new row units on your current planter? The Precision Planting Ready Row Unit is fully customizable to your operation’s needs with different gauge wheel options, closing wheel options, hopper confi gurations, and fertility attachments. Don’t trade, upgrade.


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