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SCH Easy Cutting Systems

SCH Easy Cut II

All pre-assembled knifebacks are constructed with course sections (7tpi). Fine sections are recommended for Haybines and Swathers. Please specify at the time of your order.
Make your cutting system a Schumacher Cutterbar! It makes it easy to fill your grain tank. The roller guides have greatly improved the cutting system. We have Standard and Roller Guide Kits ranging from 9 feet to 40 feet. Custom lengths are also available. Knife Kits are pre-assembled and are in lengths for easy shipping. Call today.

SCH Pro-Drive product picture

Pro-Drive Planetary Knife Drives

Most knife drives have the loss of stroke length and force. SCH Pro-Drive greatly fixes this problem. The SCH Pro-Drive is designed as a planetary drive and doesn’t need drive arms and reversing levers. The mounting of the drive guarantees all lateral forces are transferred directly to the knife assembly. The Pro-Drive is grease lubricated, not oil bathed. This means minimal maintenance is needed. The Pro-Drive is also environmentally friendly. Pro-Drives are available in a horizontal or vertical power input version. This allows the drives to have a maximum of input power.

Precision Planting vDrive

SCH Croplifters

The Schumacher Croplifters are assembled with high-quality spring steel and are available to fit most North American guards. The new lifters give less wear on bottom runners, and all feature simple on and off mounting.

SCH Pro Flex Lifter product image

Pro Flex Lifter

The SCH Pro Flex Lifter gives a simple design with durability for an easy pulse crop harvest. The Pro Flex Lifter has a specially designed slot, sits tight and can fit on all popular guards. It is ideal for all edible bean crops.
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